Thursday, June 4, 2009

Two acts of violence, one commonality

I am starting to worry more about what I have previously posted. In a span of less than a week there were two incidents of violence in the U.S. centering on the issue of morality. Dr. Tiller, a late term abortion doctor in Kansas was murdered earlier this week and today a store called the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Maine was burned down; officials say that it was arson. While the second act of violence does not seem to be in the same class of violence as the first, it should be noted that the store owner lived in the space adjacent to the store and had to evacuate his family 1am in the morning.

While these incidents seem independent from each other, they center around a similar issue; an objection to a perceived immorality. I worry that if and when individuals who have similar moral objections to lawful activities congregate, they will attempt larger scale acts of terrorism.