Thursday, May 7, 2009

Radical Christianity

This is one of the few times that I hope that I am wrong.

I worry about a future where there is domestic terrorism by fundamentalist christians. The reason why I imagine this scenario to be possible is that fundamentalism at it's core is the same. Fundamentalists allows for certain truths to be held beyond logic. Once these truths become challenged to a critical degree I believe that it is possible for domestic religious fundamentalists will take radical action. As non believers and religious moderates change national policy to regect truths held by these fundamentalists, I forsee a future where these groups feel threatened.

Once gay marraige is recognised on the federal level, once creationism is remoeved from any type of school curriculum, once there is a clear majority of liberals on the supreme court I worry that the religious right will determine that America is godless and that it is their responsibilty to rectify the issue. Someone please tell me why I have nothing to worry about.

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